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Hi cskud! Glad you got this message. There is a rather long thread that I started called is Lyrica better than neurontin. I have nicknamed the drug neROTTEN! :jester: Yes it will make you very dizzy, and increase your memory loss, along with vision and dental problems. Do an internet search onit and you'll see what I mean. I personally called Phizer, who makes the drug, and they said it was not approved for RSD! They got slapped with a huge fine, the 2nd largest in history, for promoting it for off label uses. Try reading through some past threads. You need to taper off this drug. Alot of people have here on this board and switched to Lyrica. They still have some dizziness :dizzy: but it is alot better for the nerve pain. I also was sensitive to sounds and light as well, but not anymore. After your off the NeROTTEN, you'll experience the NeROTTEN hangover. It took me a good year to get rid of the side effects. I'd be driving and forget where I was going. Things of that nature.
What kinda pain meds are you on? I was pretty much bedridden for 2 years after my surgery. I'm sure the Nerotten had something to do with that. I'm currently on 60 mg of MSCotin x3 a day, 5 percs for breakthrough pain, 3 soma, 3 xanax, and remeron to fight depression and to sleep. That drug knocks me out like a light. I also use aSTS machine that is not a TENS or MENS unit but works like accupuncture. That got me out of bed, and regulated my eating and sleeping habits, That and the morphine. What is robaxxin? The other 2 drugs I've heard of. Is one an anti depressant? I hope this helps you. How old are your kids? I have 14 and 19 year old daughter. Liked them better when they were small. Have a good evening Aloha Skooze :)

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