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More ????????
May 18, 2006
Hello everyone,
I obviously cant get a doctor to diagnose me so I have come here for help. After my spine surgery, I have seen these docs and this is what they said reguarding my foot/leg: 2 neuros(to early),1 pain managment(early crps? rx PT), and my spine specialist ortho surgeon who did surgery,( what I am experiencing is normal nerve irritation for the type of condition and surgery that I had). BLAH BLAH!!!!

Here is a brief description of my onset of problems. I had a 2 level spinal fusion L4-S1 for spondilolithesis. I had one vertibre colapsed on another. After surgery he restored me to normal spinal alignment and in the process all my spinal nerves and ligaments were moved and stretched back about an inch.

When I woke up from surgery my left calf was numb and by the next day it was gone. Doc came out told family everthing went well and that I would be complaining of tightness in legs. First 10 days home I had sever leg cramps especially in left leg. I was eating muscle relaxers like pez and finally that lessened. couldnt stand on left leg longer than to brush my teeth. My muscle would charlie horse on me or draw up in left calf. I believe I have muscle atrophy in this leg from the colapsed vertebres for so long. that is why he was saying I would complain of the tighness. My hamstrings are very tight.

3.5 weeks post op got horrific burning in both feet but left worse about a week later I got sever sensitivity in the left foot in 2 toes across the top of foot and the instep of both feet. This did happen at the same time. I would try to rub my hand accross it and desinsitize it and I would pore down sweat from the pain. I could not wear shoes. In my left foot it is very dry and will not sweat at all. Both feet are heat sensitive. When I take a bath my feet hang out the tub.

Im sorry this is so long, I feel that you all know so much more than the docs and I need some answers and a plan of action. I am having chronic anxiety attacks, cant eat, and am feeling suicidal. I am still trying to recover from a major spine surgery that take 12 to 18 month for recovery and cant even eat.

Here is where I am now:

13 weeks post op, My leg draws up for a fews seconds when I brush my teeth in the morning or after lying down but that is it. I can walk about a mile a day. My calf muscles and feet muscles are sore and stiff in morning. I do have som pinkish areas on my left foot where the sesitivity WAS. I say was because, I am on neurotin 600 mgs and 50 mgs a day of topomax and it is completly gone. One of the neuro argued that if I had RSD that I would not get my sensitivity under control with this minute dose of meds. Is that true?? I do get shooting pains, and some minor cramping in my foot and calf but my doc says I am under medicating with the meds. Never had swelling. I do eat xanax like candy and take tylenol too.

My surgeon said my L-5 spinal nerves are living in a different place now and are very pissed off. Those are the nerves that run into the tops of your feet. He said that they can be inflammed and cause temperature change. I cant find anything about this on the net. my left foot is hot and dry and cracked. If my other foot or leg touches either of my feet they burn. They burn at night anyways. Kinda like when you skin your knee feeling. Just burn. I can move my leg and foot in all direction and have full range. muscle are stiff though. I stretch several times a day. Please let me know what you think this does fits RSD.

Thanks for taking the time to read this very long post and thanks in advance for taking the time to post.

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