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Hello LLS it's nice too meet you. :wave:

I've only gone to Dr. Michael Stanton-Hicks one time so far. VERY nice man... He was somewhat taken back on my first visit because no one in Cincinnati has done anything for me yet. He said I was so far into this diease that he didnt even think blocks would help me. So thats when he said let's try a stimulator implant. He told me there would be no qarantee that it would help me.

I dont mind you asking at all... I got my RSD from having Carpal Tunnel surgery. My surgery was on Nov 11 2004. I knew as soon as I went home there was something wrong with my hand. It was burning from the very first day it seemed. I couldnt wiggle my fingers it would hurt to bad. My Aunt thats in her 70's had the same surgery 3 months before me and she thought it was the greatest since sliced bread. Had her other hand done 2 weeks later. My surgery turned against me... I went to having my first block (ganglion) and my neck froze in place for a month... thats when my symptoms started moving for my legs, breast, hips, and moving to my left arm. I also have areas on my face that has red spotches. I wish I could post photos on this board that way I could show everyone how my leg's look. Right now thats the worst area...

I was suppose to have the same doctor as you for the evaluation... but I'd ask if I could stay in Cincinnati for that.. I will meet up again with Dr. Hicks hopefully in June also. We will have to stay in contact on the board ... maybe we can meet at the clinic one day! :)

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