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I still believe
May 21, 2006
Hi, :wave:

I haven't updated in awhile but wow, I have been through a lot. And thank you for everyone's support so far. My two main docs now agree that I most likely have RSD/CRPS. I am also seeing a psychologist for depression/pain management issues. Imagery and relaxation have helped me a bunch. Next week I'm going to a chronic pain management clinic, getting accupuncture, and seeing a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor. I'm taking better meds, but hope that eventually I can get off the narcotics. I don't want to become dependent on them.
I am still on crutches (have been for almost 6 months since it started), but hopefully I will get off them soon. My physical therapist is hoping I'll be able to walk completely without them in a month. PT has been a real leg has significantly atrophied and the RSD spread from my hip to my foot, but I think and hope the spreading has stopped. I am getting stronger, and logically one would think that the pain would also decrease, but it's hard for me to notice that. All I know is, right before it's time for my next dose of meds...the extreme pain comes back, and thats when I feel at my lowest.

My doctors and athletic trainers are telling me that there is a good chance that I could recover, since it was diagnosed relatively early (good thing my doctor did not do surgery or else it would be worse!! He was a life saver)...but there is also a chance that I might not...and I'm not used to that. I almost don't want them to tell me....because even if there's a small chance that I could completely recover, I will still hold on to that hope. I believe there is a possibility for revovery, however far out it is. I also know that I am learning a lot of lessons through this, and maybe, just maybe I'll look back on this experience someday with a new, more mature view on life.


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