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I have both arthritis and RSD and use a power chair and small travel scooter. Had my van adapted for hand controls and put in large power lift. All very expensive but partly paid for by the accident settlement. I could not live my life without these items as I am on the go all the time and refused to stay home. I go to the theatre and restaurants using the chair. Took the travel scooter on two cruise this year. I do not feel they have made me old before my time. I joke that I have a 60 year old body, a 25 year old mind and a 90 year old leg. People are generally very helpful and positive about my going with them and if they arn't then that is their problem. They also enable me to go to the pool three times a week which helps emensely with the pain. I could not stay home unless it was absolutely necessary and if that were the case I would be in for one major depression and my stress level would soar. Its better to use whatever is available and just accept the necessity and make light of it and have fun in spite of it. May not be able to golf or walk on the beach anymore but I can still travel and enjoy the sunset. Good luck.

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