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Hi Stephanie. I took Neurontin for over 3 years... the first couple of months I was in the typical "neurontin "fog" but my family helped me so I could get through it. Last month when I saw my PM I asked about Lyrica and they had me wean off the neurontin and start the lyrica at a small dose, increasing it each week. I could not be happier! No more horse-sized pills for me! I was taking neurontin 4 times a day, the lyrica I take twice a day (2 pills, 70mg each I think). It helps my pins and needles and "electrical shocks" that run up and down my hands and arms a lot better than neurontin ever did! Besides the lyrica, I take cymbalta for depression, another med that has helped me more than any other antidepressant ever did (and it's supposed to help with pain also), oxycontin, 40mg twice a day, .25mg of xanax twice a day for my tinnitus which is horribly bad, fiorinal PRN for my headaches, maxalt PRN for my migraines, and ambien or seroquel for sleep (I alternate but take ambien more often cause I hate seroquel). This is the least meds I've been on for over 3 years. I only take 3 meds on a regular basis where I used to take 8 or 9. Ask your PM about methadone, duragesic patches, or ms contin for pain. Those are the 3 other extended meds besides oxycontin. Short acting meds don't do as well with chronic pain patients long-term. Also ask about neurontin alternatives. Don't be afraid of lyrica, a lot of people are having wonderful results with it and it wouldn't be on the market if extensive testing hadn't been done on it. Good luck with whatever you decide. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

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