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Hi Again, Stephanie!

For my pain, I take [U]ES Vicodin and Methadone[/U]. I was scared about the methadone at first, b/c of the bad reputation it has since it is used for heroin addicts, until I found out that it has been used for pain long before they discovered it's ability to help ease addiction withdrawl. The methadone seems to help somewhat, and it has been well tolerated for me. I also take [U]Promethazine[/U] for nausea since I have to up my dose of vicodin on really bad days and it tends to meake me nauseous. Occasionally I also use [U]ANL Gel[/U], a topical gel that I spread on my arm to ease the skin burning and itch. ("ANL" = Amitriptaline, Neurontin, and Lidocaine).

Last year before my awesome hand doc retired, he recommended I ask my new PMD about the new medication [U]Lyrica[/U]. It's a similar drug to Neurontin but has proved more successful for RSD in clinical trials. However, he did suggest waiting 6 months to a year after the drug is first marketed so side effects in inital patients could be monitored. I think Lyrica has been out since Dec '05. Personally, I'm going to wait at least until the end of this year before I try it, just in case they find bad side effects and recall it, like they've done with so many other meds in the last few years.

Good Luck! :)

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