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Re: Surgery & RSD
Jun 12, 2006
Hi Everyone

I AM SOOO CONFUSED!!!!! For the last year and a half Doctors have been telling me that I have RSD in my left forearm and hand caused by Nerve Damage. As I sit here, my symptons include severe burning pain in the forearm and hand, extreme sensitivity to touch, swelling, stiffness in fingers, numbness in forearm and hand, shooting pain in thumb, dry scaley skin, increased hair growth on forearm and hand, etc. On Friday June 9th I had a follow-up appointment with the Plastic Surgeon who performed my last Surgery. During this Surgery he severed my Radial Nerve (among others because of the amount of damage) and buried the ends deep into the muscle. When I saw him during this follow-up he told me that I no longer have RSD. It is just pain from the damage to my nerves. He also told me that because I still have a little static pain that he perhaps missed a nerve, C-7 to be exact, and he may have to go back in and sever that nerve. (My husband suggested that perhaps they should put a ZIPPER in so they don't have to keep cutting me open) lol. He wants me to put pressure on and massage the area on my arm where the nerves are buried to try and calm them down. He said he can't promise to take all the pain away but he can promise that he will make it better. In the mean time he also wants me to see my pain management doctor and return for another follow-up in 4wks.
Well I saw my pain management doctor today and the good news is that he doesn't think I would benefit from any more Stellate Ganglion Blocks. (I have had approx 30) He ALSO said that I no longer have RSD. ????????? What is going on? My symptoms are not only the same but they are worse as far as the burning and sensitivity are concerned. The only thing that has changed is that the burning pain is no longer an electrical/static type pain it is now a stinging type pain. If its not RSD, then what is it??? What he has done is increase my dosage of Lyrica from 300mg a day to 600mg per day and I am to also see him again in 4 wks. Like I said, I AM SOOOOO CONFUSED!!! Anyway, now that I have vented, it's time to say goodbye.


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