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Hi Tiffany,
Welcome! I was diagnosed in January, as well. Same area...left knee, following a car accident. It spread to entire left leg and now affecting the right knee and just above and below that area. I had 3 blocks on the left and 1 on the right. My PM Doctor is talking about hospitalization for 5 days w/catheter. Still not sure if I want to go that route - need more info.

I can't go outside in shorts when it's breezy. That seems to exacerbate the pain. Even the A/C bothers me. My PMD said to get used to wearing long pants. I wear tight-fitting yoga pants and sometimes a neoprene brace, which helps to keep the skin protected. It's hell putting it on and taking it off, but it does help once I get it on.

I take Neurontin 1200 mg. day, Vicodin 750 as needed (which is more and more often) and Naprosyn 500 2x day, because I also have herniated discs in lumbar spine. The back problems are the least of my worries now. I hate the Neurontin; it makes me very irritable, I'm in a contstant fog and feel like I have a hangover. I've been on it since early February so the side-effects should have worn off by now - don't think it's a good nerve med for me. Vicodin doesn't really work for me. It takes forever to "kick-in", barely dulls the pain and doesn't do much for the constant burning and sensitivity. I have to call my PMD this week and I think I'll have to change the meds.

Everyone here is so knowledgeable and very supportive :angel: :angel:

Find a good Pain Mgmt. Doc and stick with the board for support, questions and a place just to vent. Most people have never heard of RSD and have no idea how bad it can be. Stay positive and like every one else says, AVOID ICE.

Hope this helps you. Most others on the board know more than I do, but thought I'd throw my 2 cents. Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

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