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Hi Patti!

My smilies still aren't working.....Mine too are all mixed up but it is frustrating not having those comical guys to add emphasis! Mybe I'll start a new thread--how do you get these smilies to work?? Someone else, mentioned it too in a thread.

I havent been around since the 27th, and I'm trying to catch up. My RSD has spread to my right arm now which is awful. It hurts so bad that I can hardly type. I'm right handed too, and it's pretty pathetic to have to use the left arm to do things, which I've always kept protected. Weird. I think it is from working at the consignment shop. We use a close steamer to steam the boxed clothes, and even though I can do this sitiing down, my right arm is twice as swollen than my left. EEEkkk I haven't told my doctor yet that I'm working under the table. She asked me if I was doing more than normal, and I said notreally, because I really am not. When I was home I cleanned way more with my right. I think I must have slept funny on it, and it just started about a week ago. Could be stress too. A dear friend just passed away and so did my mother's partner of 30 years. I'm going to Vegas next week to see her, and she is in Omaha at a funeral right now. I hope when I get there she is back. I too had to refinance my condo, so I know what you mean about keeping those bill collectors off your back. RSD changes everything. Roll eyes. I have to type my smilies. I love the part about your hubby being a type Z--let them do it there way & surrender already, at least it's done right? Eunie, I guess it just goes to show you how a partner really feels about us. "everyday is just a Saturday" Insane. Every day is a day of survival, is it going to hurt so bad that I just have to lay or sit here or can I have some GOOD time, and do something I want to do. Wish we could personally hit them over the head when they say stuff like that. Just goes to prove what really is going through their heads. Roll eyes.

Hi Sue and welcome to the boards. I live in Hawaii and I freeze too. I've learned it is best to dress in layers, that way you can add and subract clothing so that you are comfortable. After living there a while, you will notice that 5 degrees in temperature can send you to the moon. When I moved back here 10 years ago, before RSD, I gave away all my sweaters. What a mistake that was. I sleep with flannel sheets in the winter. It might be 82 outside, but not for me. I also carry aq pillow in my car and I have pillows all over my house along with lotion. Sounds have to be comfortable as possible.. Looking at my bed and it's just me who sleeps there I have 9 pillows there with lotion. Every room has pillows inc ase I need to prop up a limb, or rest it. My hands are constantly dry, from sweating or changing temperature so much--that I go through alot of lotion. Are you seeing a pain magt. dr or a PCP? Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion. I too had suergery at C6-C7 but it was fused. My last MRI showed severe degenrative disc disease with bone spurs from C2 all the way down through C7. I take 180 mg of MScotin aday, along with 5 percs for breakthrough. Took me several doctors before I found what meds work for me. Don't give up. I never heard of that material they fused your neck with. But my surgery was 2001, and personally my surgery days are over. I just wanted to welcome you to to the boards.Big wave, and you'll meet some really nice people here that are very helpful and also that need to vent. So vent away. Aloha Skooze

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