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I think everyone has an individual reaction to medicines, so there is no way to predict how you will react. Topamax made my husband sleepy (not getting up until 4 Pm) and depressed. He lost weight, but only because he was eating one meal a day! He has better luck with Lyrica for nerve pain. He has been on methadone for 3 years and it seems to help. It makes him sleep more than a typical person, but he can wake up better than with the Topamax. Good luck to you. And happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Patti :wave:

Funny thought came to my mind when i first read your post.....when i first started taking topamax, i had the oddest craving for a piece of chocolate cake! Plain old, homemade ( well, box from the pantry) chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting. and it was soo

But Sunny is so right. everyone is very different when it comes to all aspects of this disease. most of my docs love lyrica. they have many patients who do great on it, but NOT ME. Sunny's hubby seems to do better on it too. I on the other hand love the topamax, once i got past the rare side effects. The burning is much relieved, sometimes gone completely. i can afford the side effect of the weight loss too, since i gained so much wight from the lyrica. the lyrica messed up my thyroid and i have the blood tests to prove it.

i call topamax one of my "committment" drugs, so keep in mind it will take time for it to build up in your system and you will need patience. follow your docs instructions. again, you may have to play with the dosage until it gets to the "right" one for you. i am still titrating up and i have been on topamax for over 6 months now.

now i have a question please......I am going to have to look it up, but i havent tried methodone for pain yet. think that might help my sleeping issues since the vicoden is keeping me up?????

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