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Re: Moving with RSD
Jul 25, 2006
Yep never a dull moment here in RSD land that's for sure huh Ben? It's so weird you would do this post now, my partner Kellie and I went and spoke to my lawyer yesterday about a few things and our move back East to New Jersey in Dec 07 was "number one main topic" bascially my lawyer did tell us to talk to her at our six month mark of our move and we'll know where we stay at the case at that point..

Anyways Ben Kellie's and my biggest worry has been my medical and what to do. Weather I do a cash settlement or do medical for life..either way there are sooo many pros and cons to them both to think about and something you just don't jump into..When Kellie and I first choosed my RSD Lawyer 3 yrs ago it was only because my doctor dx my RSD and came to the point in my medical where he couldn't treat me anymore and as like you Ben I couldn't run the risk of WC closing my case behind my back! And this has never been about money and still isn't..but I'll tell you one thing Ben Kellie and I are mad like hell at WC for prolonging my treatments and causing my condition to worsten over the yrs so that will be a factor in our final decion in the end of our choices on what we'll decide to do..

I was very lucky Ben I never to had a WC case nurse with me going to my appts. but from what I had heard out here in California if you did have a nurse with you at the end of your case they could boot you out of the drs office and close your case on you just like that!! Now if it's true or not I don't know! So watch your Back Ben at all times Ben..they act all nice and try to be your friend but they are only out to get you!!

Kellie is really good at this stuff so I'm gonna try and get her to do a post on this she's able to relay this so much better than I can, but in the meantime Ben if you don't have a lawyer you really should get one and make should they know what RSD is..hang in there we'll get some answers for you and maybe for us too lol..

when are you planning are moving?? Everythings gonna be alright

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