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Hi, I was diagnosed in April 2006 with RSD of my left leg. I had been off work due to a lumbar injury and without warning one day my leg began to swell and turn color. The fact I was all ready seeing doctors concerning my lumbar spine left me with a pretty good advantage. I was sent to a vascular surgeon right away, had all the tests to rule out pooling blood and or blood clots, all were negative. This left me with an appointment with another pain specialist. The doc was unbelievable! He made room for me every week, and he was booked solid as it was!!! I have been getting sympathetic nerve blocks for about 11 weeks now. When I started getting the injections I had just started using the electric carts at the store. How we put up with so much pain before admitting we need one of "those" chairs! Right now I can walk a medium size store without a cart! Big difference. The pain has dulled from the sharp burn to a ache. But here's the problem, he will continue injections as long as they help. I believe he is trying to put the disease in a closet. Well, the impact of the shots has begun to slow down, and the last one I was on ice packs for 2 days after. I have felt just awful since the shot, which was on Thursday and today is Sunday. It feels like something went wrong. I am afraid to go in and have it checked for fear that I will be run out of the office after he had done so much already. I walked behind a self propelled lawn mower this afternoon, so I can get around some, It did hurt pretty good, and I took breaks every 15 minutes. It only took a hour. So, if anything did go wrong, it couldn't be that bad right? Anyways, I would like to hear if anyone else is on weekly injections, and any info they may have would be great! Thank you for your help! LD

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