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Hi everyone:wave:

Gosh I can't believe the last time Ivisited was on August 6th.:eek: The owner of the shop that I work for under the table went on vacation, so I was working 35 hours a week. Nearly killed me and my RSD went into overdrive. All I did was eat and sleep and pop extra meds. She got back Tuesday the 22nd, with some sad news. Her husband are getting divorced and she already bought a home in Seattle. By October 1st she will be there working. So the shop is for sale. Then yesterday she told me that she couldn't afford to pay me while she was in transition, and I told her no worries! I can hardly move as it is. Soooo I'm on a on call basis now, which is fine with me.

But more importantly what I want ti express from my experience about woprking, I know we all miss going to work and interacting with people, and making extra $$$. However RSD and work DOES NOT MIX! I am living proof and I'll tell you what it's not worth the physical demands, placed on your body. I started working in April for a paycheck, and quit that job, didn't want to lose the SSDI benefits, and then I got offered this one, which I started in June. Since working my RSD has spread to both of my legs now. Where it was in the upper left. Now the right hand seems to have it, because I can move my left arm better than my right. :eek: Yeah go figure. Sure it was fun interacting, and I like the $10 an hour cash. But in such a short time I seem to have gone full body RSD, and my doctor just shakes her head. It's just not worth it.

So Lefty I can see where you are frustrated, and need to be intelllectully stimulated. Two of your goals are met. :D But it's not the end of the world. Have you thought about enrolling in one class at a trade school?? Only one, because we with RSD need to take baby steps, and not jump into something full on. Or if you can't meet deadlines, there are online training courses that you work at from home. Here you can try them for free, because the dropout rate is so high. But it might be worth checking into. I hurt so bad right now, but I saw your post the last time I checked in, and had to reply to yoir thread. The weight of the wc is off your shoulders, and it was a 100 pound weight. I closed my case in Jan 2004. Alot of undue stress with their DENIED stamp. I myself love to read, and do puzzles and sew depending on how I feel. Right now I feel like a MACK truck ran me over. So I just wanted to say hi to everyone, Ben, Sharon, Patti, Eunie, Marcia and others including the newbies. I'll catch up in time, but for now my hands are cramping up. I just wanted share my work experience with everyyone out their of it was not worth it to be full body RSD. Hope everyone has a better tomorrow. Aloha Skooze:yawn: :)

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