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RND stands for reflex neurovascular dystrophy. This is the new term for RSD. The drs are all taught in medical school about RSD, but this only covers a very narrow range of symptoms. My daughter's symptoms did not fit into the textbook definition of RSD, but the dr we found sees teenagers with pain in all different parts of their bodies, not just extremeties. RND covers a wider range of symptoms, but the pain process is the same. Hope this helps clear things up.
Hello JJmom:

You stated that doctors are all taught in medical school about RSD. It is surprising how many doctors have no idea what RSD is and some of the ones that do don't know how to treat it. Many of use here have spent literally years trying to find a diagnosis and then had to search for a doctor who knows how to treat it.

The very narrow range of symptoms of RSD are: Unrelenting pain - it can be burning, crushing, shooting, even electrical - insomnia, depression, anxiety, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, rashes, osteoporosis, brittle nails, extreme pain to light touch, dental problems, sweating, atrophy of affected limb, pseudo heart attacks, swelling, sensitivity to heat or cold or both, spreading of symptomes to other parts of the body, and suicidal thoughts. Some people are now in wheelchairs or are bedridden because of a minor injury.

There have been many names for RSD over the years. The latest one is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. Now there is an even newer one called RND? I can't keep up.l

Regards, Lil

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