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[FONT="Arial Black"][/FONT]Ben,

I have never had to deal with WC but have read a lot of horror stories and your story takes the cake. I am so sorry for all the things that you are going through with the doctors and WC. I don't see how they can expect you to drive with your left foot. What I have found is people who does not have RSD has no clue what we are going through unless they take the time to listen to us/read up on RSD to learn more about it. :confused:

My RSD started in 2000 and I worked up until Sept 2004. My disease started in both feet and was slowing spreading through my body during 2002-2004. The only assistance I had was a cane to get around with and there were many days in which I wanted to crawl to my car after work because of the pain. During 2002-2004, I had 4 or 5 surgeries on my back therefore I would take off from work for a couple of months and then go right back. I then realized that I was no longer able to take the pain because the RSD had become systemic in all my limbs and also had spread into my internal organs. I went on long term disability in which I applied for social security/disability. I was approved on my second try.

What I am trying to say to you is, hang in there and don't give up because there is always hope. It seems like you have already been though a lot. I will keep you in my prayers, as I'm sure there are several others on this site that will do the same.

God Bless,
Marie :angel:

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