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Hi Angie and welcome to the boards!

I'm in and out of here, more than I used to be:rolleyes: , but that's just sometimes the way day to day is with RSD. Mine is in upper left and going full body now. Been 6 + years.

You have to get off that drug Neurontin!! That drug made me bed ridden. Dizzy, walking into walls, sleeplessness , you name it. I started a thread a while ago is Lyrica better than Neurontin, which I nicknamed NEROTTEN :jester: , but it is not approved by the FDA for RSD only seizure and shingles. Whatever doctor you seeing needs to get up to speed. It can cause severe depression too, been there done that. Are you on any narcotic pain med:confused: . Something to help with the pain, rather than confuse it and you??? Others have offered great alternative meds. I am on MSCotin, percs, soma, and xanax, and remeron to sleep. I think since my RSD is starting to spread, I want to try Lyrica for the burning pain that I have throughout my body now.
But my advice to you is to ween yourself off NEROTTEN and if your dr. won't do it find someone who will asap. You'll still feellike that for a few months but the sooner the better. Hope this helps and wanted to say hi. Aloha Skooze:)

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