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[QUOTE=huskerJen]I did go to the ER. They gave me the same shots as they did when I had my last really bad migraine. Anyway it helped alittle. He also gave me vicoden es. I have never taken these but he gave me enough til tuesday when I see my pd and get my nerve block. What is the next step up from perocet? does anyone happen to know??? I just took my second vicoden es not sure how well they are working yet. But anyway thanks everyone for your support and kindness :)


Not sure about the next step up from percocet. I thought Percocet, vicodin, etc were pretty much the same type of drugs. These do very little to ease my husbands pain. He has Dilaudid pills, but the shot seemed to work better. Have you had a nerve block before? Did it work for you? My husband had 3 and the releif only lasted about a day. He had a cervical epidural block for 4 days and while the catheter was in, he had no pain. As soon as they removed it, the pain was back.

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