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Hi Deidre and welcome to RSD site! :)

Sorry to hear about the dx, but the minute someone named what was wrong with me, I became an avid (I'm over compulsive by nature) to find out about it,
Wow your story has so many symptoms like mine that I reflected on. Especially the part where your foot buckled out. Same thing happened to me-:eek: - and that's when they started me on MsCotin, instead of vicoden. I think you need some breakthru meds to smooth over the pain in between. That coulod be vicoden or percocets. I take 5 percs alone for breakthru meds. I've never tried hydramorophone. Is that morphine and vicoden combined? Maybe that's your breakthru med.

As far as your Q's go, the flare ups are the worst. Stress really aggros RSD, and I too am a single mon, so I know the finacial part, along with the emotional part is tough. I would highly recommend that you see a physcologist who specializes in chronic pain, and that helped me alot. Just to go talk to an adult, who didn't judge me, but helped with the day to day things. And apply for social security right away. The government works very slow. Do you get child support? Is the dad even in the picture? I hope so because your son needs some one in the teen years. I have a 14 year old too. Little Miss gotta have it NOW! I'm working on the patience is a virtue thing. lol. Have they done any nerve blocks yet? Did the swelling happen before you broke your ankle? The trick you might want to try is swimming. Not laps, but getting in a warm pool and slowly moving the affected limb. Is it Claire or Laura here that is an avid swimmer? If you don't move it you lose it. But the water takes all the weight off of the limb. I actually feel human in a pool, Are you sleeping thru the night? You might need to take an antidepressant, I swear by Remeron, and I tried lots. Try not and stay in one position too long. If you're at the computer, get up and strech every half hour. That helps. Heat is also good, but no ICE!:nono: That will do more harm then good. Also dress in layers. If you're too hot, take off your sweater, too cold add more. Adjust to your body. The other thing you will find is acceptance that you have RSD. It's not the end of the world. But once you've accepted what you have is real, it's easier to comes to terms with. That's the hardest thing. The Dept. of Labior here, can take 9 months before getting a hearing. Are they talking surgery? I had neck surgery, and it helped for 2 months then bam. . RSD full blown. It's all a roll of the dice. I use a STS machine, and I now have a life. Hope this helps. Gotta run my daughter somewhere. Aloha Skooze:)

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