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I was really nervous going into the trial because I knew that I would have to be awake in order to tell them if the leads were positioned in the right place. However, I found out that they really make sure that you don't remember most of it. They used Versed, Diprovan (which makes you sleep almost immediately, but they can wake you up quickly from it to confirm lead placement), and I think they used Fentanyl. Anyway, I do not remember anything except being put to sleep and just a little about waking up for lead placement. Other than that, I woke up in the recovery room. The stimulator was turned off when I woke up, but the Medtronics rep came by after I woke up and turned it on and explained how it worked to me and my husband. That was really important because I did not remember the instructions. My husband taught me later in the day and I also had a pamphlet to read and the reps card with her phone number.

The one negative surprise was how bad my back hurt afterward. I don't react well to anethesia anyway, but with RSD, as you well know, any new pain can be horrifying! I was really upset, but the doctor came and told me (after the procedure) that because he places the leads in a different way than most doctors do. He feeds them up the outside of my spinal column (in the tissue, which makes the muscles cramp and ache for 2-3 days afterwards) and then into the vertebrae and down. This keeps them anchored much better...and harder to pull out. So, as the day went on, it got better, but I did have to take some Flexaril yesterday and today.

My pain went from a 6 before the trial to a 2 yesterday and a 1 today. I have been able to completely stop my breakthrough meds and hope that with the permanent one I will be able to at least cut my daily meds in half.

1) I can't lift my hands above my head (difficult to put my hair up..fortunately I have a teenage daughter)
2) I can't bend over, but I can squat with my knees
3) They said I could drive with the temp one (as long as it was off), but not for 2-4 weeks after the complete implant is put in. I decided that since I do have people to help me for the week, I don't want to risk pulling the lead out while driving. Right now, I don't even like riding in the car, but I think that is because of my back.
4) No lifting over 5 lbs. Right now, my back is definately letting me know that anything more than 3 lbs. is too difficult.
5) No sleeping on your stomach (because you usually lift your arms over your head when doing this).
Other than that, I can do anything else.
Good luck!!!! If you have any other questions let me know!!

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