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i wouldn't give up on all insurance companies, especially with help from human resource departments or maybe congressional representatives if it is a medicaid/medicare issue.

my daughter was born with a rare birth defect and had many problems associated with it and not many doctors that know how to deal with it. we found a doctor in california (we are in texas) that was, for free, evaluating and directing her care and found a doctor in the UK that could help her. our insurance, after going through HR, was willing to send her and us, her parents, and pay all expenses as necessary medical treatment.

also, i had a surgery done that was not FDA-approved and was still experimental and we also got the insurance to cover it (and it was over $70,000) by working with my husband's company's HR department. most companies pay a huge portion of your medical costs before the insurance company benefits actually kick in - it is part of the contract between the company and the insurance company.

so, always be willing to push the issue with anyone you can think of! you might be surprised at the results.

oh, and about my daughter's care, we ended up finding a British doctor in American through the CA doctor, so we got to go to him (although i would have loved visiting the UK). again, everything was taken care of and the doctor even waived his fee for us.

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