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My husband also has RSD and is dealing with Worker's Comp. He also sleeps in a recliner because his back hurts too much to sleep in bed. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love suffer.
Have you applied for Social Security Disability? It only looks at his income, not your combined incomes, and can be concurrent with receiving WC. He has certainly been disabled long enough to qualify. RSD is now listed as one of their qualifying disabilities. If SS accepts him, you can use that as a bargaining point to WC, too.
Do you have a list of doctors you can go to? When WC told us we had to change doctors, I called all the ones on their list that were near us, and asked how many patients with RSD they had. I immediately rejected the ones whose office staff didn't know what it was, figuring that they didn't see too many patients with it.
Do you have the list of symptoms for diagnosing RSD? You can check off the ones he has and take it to the doctor. It is in the Mayo Clinic link at the top of the board, or any of the RSD associations that have websites would have a list. What medicines are they wanting to discontinue? There can be severe withdrawals from some of them, and you can tell them that they would be responsible for the after effects.
I wish you luck and hope you get a better doctor.

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