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I'm very confused...

Only one doctor has said that I have RSD in my foot. He wanted to immediately treat me with a sympathetic nerve block, although it had already been almost 2-1/2 years since my injury. He never gave my foot a thorough examination and refused to look at photos I took of my foot. However, other doctors have stated that I probably do not have RSD. MRIs, X-rays, and bone scans are negative for signs of RSD. But the doctor who diagnosed me with RSD stated that symptoms of RSD wouldn't show up on tests until RSD has done more damage or is in later stages.

I've read that some doctors intentionally diagnose patients with RSD even if they don't have it (for billing reasons?). Then again, some doctors simply may make the RSD diagnosis in error. This is almost just as bad as not diagnosing someone who actually has RSD.

Please keep in mind that when I injured my foot, a doctor immediately injected it with cortisone which is known to cause atrophy of fat and muscles and weakening of tendons (I didn't know cortisone has side effects, but now I do :mad: ). The atrophy in the ball of my foot started about a month after one of the cortisone injections, and the atrophy has progressed.

If the one doctor is correct that I have RSD, how come I am able to touch my foot without it causing pain...I can even rub my foot without pain? Rubbing my foot in the area of fat pad atrophy will cause more pain, but it's not pain that sends me throught the roof. I don't have any hypersensitivity now, although, when I first injured my foot, I had hypersensitivity for a very short time. I've read a lot on this board about people not being able to tolerate putting a shoe on or even the touch of a pant leg, nevermind rubbing their foot...but I don't have those particular symptoms. However, if ever someone stepped on my foot, I would probably faint.

The symptoms I have are significant fat pad atrophy in the ball of my foot (with perhaps some muscle atrophy). My arch has dropped and my toes have splayed (noticeable when standing on foot). There is absolutely no swelling or skin changes (except for thinning of skin on the ball of my foot). But my forefoot turns purplish in the shower if I bear all my weight into it while I lift up my other leg to shave it...this color change only happens in the shower and only if I bear all my weight into that foot. I have awful bone pain due to the lack of fat padding on my foot, and I have some nerve and muscle pain. When I wake up in the morning, I have no pain whatsoever, but upon weight bearing, the pain starts up and gets progressively worse depending on how long I'm on my feet. I can't walk or stand for any long period of time. I can't wear any fashionable shoes. I still have pain wearing sneakers. But for the first year, my pain was bearable for most of the day--now things have gone downhill.

I don't know what to think. I am so confused. Being told that I have RSD by one doctor and being told that I don't have RSD by other doctors...:dizzy:.

Thank you for any help as I am desperate for answers. I feel so depressed about all that I've lost because of my injury...I know I should try to look at the bright side, but it's not easy because I want to be able to walk on my feet forever like I used to without having stop what I'm doing due to the pain.

You all are always in my thoughts and prayers. :angel: Ever since I discovered this message board and learned what RSD/CRPS is, I have been interested in offering support to those who have RSD and in learning more about RSD.

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