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[QUOTE=digitaldiva]Thanks for the reply.
I'll ask again. Has anyone contracted RSD from a hand surgery?
My surgeon says it can burn out, it may take up to two years though.
The research I've done all says once you have it, even if you are lucky enough to go into remission you've got it forever.
Why all the contradicting information!!! I just want someone to be honest to me. If anyone can help me with honest information, unlike the Dr's are telling me please respond.


DigitalDiva... I came down with RSD, from hand surgery. Your doctor isnt telling you correctly that RSD "Will burn itself out" not true. Your RSD, can go into remission that's all. If your RSD goes into remission it could show up from a simple "Bump" to your hand.. and maybe even a simple bump to your toe, might make your RSD show up in your foot. This is how it was explained to me from a Doctor.

I had Carpal Tunnel, surgery on November 11 2004.. I knew right away there was something wrong. My hand did nothing but burn, swell, turned purple then bright red I couldnt stand anything touching it. I had hand theraphy, etc.. then the Doctor wanted a block done. I only had one block and after the first block, it turned to full body!

I wish we could post photos on here... but your asking if anyone came down with RSD from hand surgery... I did!!!

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