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thanks for the suggestions.

yes, the epidural was for the birth of my last child. he poked me 4-5 times trying to jab the catheter in and it was awful. also, he put way too much lidocaine in, which supposedly can damage nerves, too. he tore my dural sac surrounding my spinal cord, ripped through some nerves, and ripped through a nerve root sac and damaged those nerve endings. i could feel everything, too, since he was in the wrong place and didn't put the lidocaine where it should be. i swear everything in my vision just kidn of broke up in these white lights kind of like star bursts - i guess that is where cartoons have people see stars? lol i had pain one time that made me black out, but this was worse and it was the strangest thing. i just can't describe it. anyway, it has been a long road of falling fast down a mountain rather than a hill or so it seems. i went from it affecting me from the site of the epidural punctures down to my buttocks and then it travelled to my hip, down to my leg, and now my foot.

actually, before i had all the weird RSD stuff, i had extremely numbness down my leg and had a really bad EMG/NCV. my nerves were doing (or in some cases not doing) all kinds of weird stuff. it was when my nerve endings started trying to heal that all the even weirder stuff happened. i could live with having a numb leg, but this? :(

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