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Hi Barb!:wave:

Yes I agree with your other friends that you are in the beginning of some disease, which will dx itself with time. I like the idea of a sitting up or standing MRI to show compression. :cool: I've heard of it too before. My last MRI in 2/2006, showed severe degenerative disc disease from C2- C7 with many bone spurs. How much worse can it get than that:rolleyes: I agree with mss about getting via voice activated typing software. I have it. It'[s hard to set up, anyd time consuming. But at least your hands don't cramp up. Are the lesions you are talking about bone spurs are lesions?? I have pea size bumps on my left and right leg on the outer edge, and anything that touches them sends me to the moon. I wonder if anyone else has these visable signs. Should start a seperate post for that. I agree with you about being grateful for what we do have. I pray that yours doesn't spread. Mine is in my legs now and my jaw. I need some dental work, but I'm too afraid. Funny on my bone scan, it showed the jaw has hyper sensitive.:eek: Sounds very expensive to me, thus I procastinate.
Nurse Swank, :jester: since you responded to your block, your dr. was correct that you have sympathetic maintained pain. I didn't, thus this monster is setting up house where ever it sees fit.:dizzy: Are they planning on giving you more blocks?? Thank you for backing me up about not showing all the signs and symptoms of RSD. That's why this is such a mystery. When were you dx'd? RSD brain. lol! I pray it doesn't spread to your dominate arm. You might then have to change your home school. Maybe that's what makes that right hand hurt?? Just a thought.

Sure is pretty quiet around here lately. I wonder how Ben is doing, and Patty, and Sharon, and Robbin and wow, looks like alot. I pray everyone is doing fine and please drop us a note and let us know. To a better tomorrow. Aloha Skooze:)

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