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Wow Ladies, looks like we got quite the thread going! Did you check out the replies and the readings??? Mind boggleing.

Barb, I tried the Lyrica last night at bedtime. Maybe cause it was halloween and I ate too much candy, lol. I could not wake up to save my soul. I felt so drugged out all day. At 9am I kept nodding off, and this was my day to run the shop. No amount of coffee could keep me alert. I didn't notice any burning pain though, but I'm wondering if the tradeoff is worth it. It's 6 PM now, and I can't stop yawning. :rolleyes: I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this craziness.:dizzy: I never tried oxycotin, but it's cousin MsCotin, which is not as bad, so they say. That's what got me into the living again. I've never tried methadone, but I'm happy with the mscotin. People who see me now, say they were so worried about me before(the vicoden days), that they said I didn't look good, and how much better I look now. I guess when you are so racked with pain you look as bad as you feel. I've had 2 stellegate nerve blocks, but it was 2 1/2 years too late. Wc denied them. They offered me no relief, and they hurt so bad. But the sooner you get them, after being dx'd with RSD, the better your chances are. I pray they work for you.

Msswank I know what you mean about the demons coming back with a vegenance. That's what happened to me when I had my blocks, but it was that very day. The 2nd one in 6 hours. I screamed so loud, I know I emabarassed my pm dr. He said that he didn't want to do any more on me. And Robin too, I will say though that I tried ambien, and it had an adverse effect on me. Instead of making me tired, it made me hyper which is hard to do when you are in so much pain. If I wasn't pacing the floor, my mind was racing. It did the same thing to a few others in my support group. Is this the case with you two?? Maybe you should try something else for sleep. I'm on Remeron, and I'm out like a light. I feel with you for the kids, because I was a single mom raising 2 girls with RSD. They really helped me out. I wish you luck with a higher dosage of the patch. The weather here is cooling off too, and I have to wear layers to sleep, or I'm soaking wet. I pray that it's a new month, that everyone has a better tommorrow. Aloha Skooze:)

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