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Hi Barb and Mss!

Msswank, do you have a nickname? Maybe we could call you Nurse Swank. I read on your other thread, before your baby hit the send key, about your nursing and medical background. I consisder tht a big bonus for all of here, because some of your dx's or things to have people's doctors check for kinda remind me of a House episode. lol. It's like whoa who would of thought that's what's causing this. :D

Anyhow Barb, I remember reading about certain disorders that mimic RSD, and thoracic outlet syndrome was one of them. That's what I was first DX'd with. I also have a shoulder impingement, subacromial Type 1. Barb which one is yours? My dr's couldn't decide which surgery to do first, the neck or the shoulder, and it was like this wicked game of ping pong being bounced back between orthos and neuros and 2nd opinions. In the mean time my condition was getting worse. So I took them to the dept. of labor, and 9 months later when my hearing came up the neck won. I too was being treated with 4 vicodens a day, which wasn't enough to treat my pain:rolleyes: Long story short RSD can mimic many disorders, and not all the signs of it can be present at the same time. I sometimes have swelling, depending how active I am. I definitely have the color changes-red, white, blue, then purple--oWWW:eek: is the worst. Today I was at Macy's getting a makeover, and it was so cold in the store, that when I went to stand up, my left foot was completely numb and I almost fell face forward if someone wouldn't have caught me. The worst pain I still feel is in my shoulder and neck. It feels like someone ripped my arm out of it's socket and put it back in crooked. Like a Barbie doll. Kinda like what your describing. I pray that the doctors at your new hospital can help treat it. Thanks for your clarification on the pain meds & sweating. That makes sense.
And Mss, you silly goose. Layering is dress in layers, so you adjust to your comfort level. Hey I have fluffies too. And flannel pj's. Fabric really matters with RSD doesn't it? I do admire you for home schooling your kids. I guess you keep plenty busy to keep your mind off the pain. Just don't overdue it.

And living on an island is hard in a car. The roads are mostly one lane each way, and if it rains, like it did 2 days ago, I was stuck in my car for 1 hour do to flooding. If there's an accident it can be up to 4 hours before they open the road again! So it hurts me too be in a car too for a long period of time. I think being in one position for too long isn't good for any of us. Especially when you're pain is in your right leg. So far that's the only part that hasn't been affected. Knock on wood. Glad to hear you're both having a low pain day. Must be the full moon. Aloha Skooze:)

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