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Need help
Nov 10, 2006
hey everyone,
i am relatively new to this boards. i have posted a couple of times. my orthro diagnosed me with rsd after left knee surgery. since i have developed the same problems in my right knee. he will not even talk about surgery due to my rsd, which i don't want it either. it is just the pain is so overwhelming, i can't even walk sometimes with the pain in my right knee. i have statred having the sensitive skin, burning pain, throbbing pain and muscle spasms, it goes now from my waist down to my to my feet. the muscle spasms hit and will knock me to my knees almost. i have been to 2 pm dr and had a total of 7 sympathetic nerve blocks. the first 3 worked for about 1 wk each. the 2nd set of 3 worked maybe a grand total of 5 days. the last on worked a total of maybe 24 hours. my question is if the blocks do not work does that mean i don't have rsd. the 2nd pm dr i saw is supposed to be an rsd specalist. he said to have the nerve block and if that did not work my only other option would be a nerve stimulator implanted. he has a terrible bed side manner and is one of those dr's that if you ask questions he doesn't answer. his most famous answer is its up to you. he is the one that did my last block, i ask for no steroids but he insisted it would not work without them. since the block sept 22, 06 i can't get my blood pressure down and have had severe headaches everyday. some have been classified as migraines, which i do have.
sorry for being long winded. i am so flustered. i don't know where to turn.
also i have spinal stenosis lower back and degenerative disk disease in my upper back.
can anyone give me advise.
thanks and have a great day if possible.
sweet p

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