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it is that typical "god" complex that is too often seen. the doc yesterday had it and it sounds like your foot doctor did, too. heaven for bid we know something going into an appointment. heck, when you sign stuff at hospitals now-a-days they say to be involved in your treatment, ask questions - you are your own best advocate.

since i have a medical background, i guess he felt threatened - well, he didn't know i have a background, but i guess my questioning was too much for him. i dare to ask him something! i dare to be involved and care and want to put a break on it when surgery is mentioned before he even examines me or sees any of my films or other records! good grief!

well, i have good news today. yesterday, when i was so upset and in tears, i called my spinal surgeons office and said i really need to see him. they got me in today and he and his staff were appalled how that doctor acted. he said he never referred patients there (it was my physiatrist who referred me to that jerk) and he never would for sure now. he said since he is an anesthesiologist he needs to stick behind the scenes and see patients when the sleep only and not face to face! lol! he told me about a friend of his who is awesome and he trusts with his life and with mine and he would get me in right away and his nurse called him while i was waiting and made an appointment for me so i didn't have to worry about it. he kept saying over and over i never should have been treated that way. he said with all i have been through he was so upset that i would have to go through that and didn't deserve to go through anything else in my life much less being treated by a jerk. he also said he wasn't afraid of writing scripts, nor did he think i was drug-seeking and knew i needed it, and told me to up my duragesic to 100 mcg and wrote me a script and also changed it to 48 hours. he said it was ridiculous to use it for 72 hours that it rarely worked that way. (it certainly has caused me problems. the third day i am miserable and then when i change it the first day is miserable for hours until my serum levels go back up and i didn't even need to worry about what to say to him about that - he said it for me!) so, now i see this new doc on tuesday. oh, and he did say we may look at a stimulator in the future, but to try other things before we jump to surgery and he said he would only send me to the best doctor with the best record for those in this area, because he said there are so many doctors with a bad record for complications that he would take care of me and make sure i didn't have to face that or at least limited my exposure for problems. he said he always stays up to date on doctors records and how they perform and treat his patients and others patients. it is very important to him. i just love him!

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