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This is my first posting - back in feb of this year I had carpal tunnel surgery. About a month after that I developed a severe burning of my lower left arm. Fortunetly I had good doctors after a whole day of tests and scans they stated I had RSD [I never heard of it} The doctors started on pain blockers injections via the neck [the first injection they missed and hit my vocal chords which was an exciting experince]. The injections were about 80% effective, but I still get spasm by pain. For those you don't now whether RSD spread -- IT DOES -- I now have it in my left leg, which more painful than my arm, again I had the shots in the lower spine, it was only maybe at 50% effective...My question is after my long winded posting - I now have developed it in my bladder and abdomal area -- What treatments are for the area ??? The problem with disconfort and pain is extraordinally bad - Thnka you - Ronlammey:( ::
I think we all know the full effect that RSD can spread, I know for myself 4 yrs ago when I had my little simple mincus surgery on my right knee and my left arm was numb and the horrible horrible pain in my lower back I knew then something was wrong not one person would listen to me or doctor nor would they believing the pain that I was crying out about!
I believe that you may have RSD moving into your bladder and abdomal area because I'm waking up at night choking with somesort of Reflex of something!! in my stomach and thoat! I go to a AME doctor tomorrow that WC is sending me to so maybe he will give me some answers..
I pray you will ease some of your pain Ronlammey but we know how that is right! take care ok

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