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Hello - TAKE 2
Nov 24, 2006
[FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="Green"][/COLOR][/FONT]Thanks for the warm welcome Dee and Sharon, its amazing how the hand of friendship from one side of the world to another is extended so easily.

After getting a good nights sleep I woke energised enough to clean out the fridge (gotta watch those use by dates) and courtyard (my neighbours would have laughed if they had looked over the fence and saw me vaccuumming my courtyard - outdoor patio).

So while I am on a roll I thought I would hop back on start again

Hi :wave:

My name is Marnie and I am from Australia, I am F, 39 and my partner of 5 years name is Dale. I have 2 girls (Nicole 22 and Kayla 17) and a granddaughter (Hope 6 in Feb)

(gasp) :eek: I know I know - "but wait theres more"

Dale who is 45 in December has 3 children and 4 grandchildren (with another on the way)

So thats Me 39, Dale 45 our 5 children and almost 7 grandchildren.

So thats my immediate family, you wont hear me talk much about Dales children as we have never bonded unfortunately, and as for other family memebers well do not get me started.

I am an assistant accountant for a manufaturing coy and have worked hard to get where I am starting my working carreer in my mid twenties after having having returned to school and college as an adult and single mum.

Dale and I are home alone and we have a pretty good life with no financial worries (after Marnie finally beat a gambling problem in March this year getting her finances in order). We like taking holidays and have a 2-3 week yearly holiday (hopefully international to Canada in 2010) and 3 - 4 weekends away throught the year. We love entertaining with the good old BBQ with friends around and lucky for me Dale "LOVES" to cook. Dales plays bowls (YAWN oops LAWN :angel: ) after retiring from football year before last, and competition 8 ball. I sing at Karaoke (not too shabbily I might add) create designer tables (I am currenty working on a dragon one for Nicci) and personalised picture frames. I have also recently started hosting Trivia Nights at a local hotel once a month. I like to be busy !!! :jester:

So why am I here - I do not really know but figure talking to people who are experiencing what I have been diagnosed with may help. I must warn you though, I have little faith in medical professionals and do not truly believe they know what they are dealing with in my case.

Last night was also the first time I read about RSD (having previously read lots of informationn about TOS). I may be in denial LOL :dizzy:

So here we go - In April 2005 I visited my doctor as my right upper arm was swollen and sore. Having had 2 previous episodes of pulmonary embolism (1 after double A typical pnemonia and another after knee surgery) due to a blood disorder called Factor IV Llyden, blood and ultrasounds tests were performed and came back negative. I went to physiotherapy for a couple of sessions and whilst carpals tunnel was mentioned it was never looked into, the sessions were not improving my situation and on the advise of my physiotherpaist ceased going as she did not know what she was dealing with.

From April to October the swelling and pain had increased and I began experiencing pins and needles and numbness in my hands. I revisitied my doctor who diagnosed me with RSI and ordered a nerve conduction study which came back positive for carpals tunnel syndrome. Surgery in February 2006 was succsessful for about a month with a significant deacrease in pins and needles.

From March to now my arm has gotten significantly worse and it is difficult to tell why, it could be beacuse:

I have been completing a graduated return to work plan (currently working 4 hours 5 days a week) which I do not think I am cping well with.

With an increase in the hours returned to work there is an increase in the home duties I try to do

Physiotherpay (which occurred from Oct 05 to Jan 06 and for 3 months from May 06 - 3 months after surgery ??? - to August 06. This was stopped by my occupational physician who believes that if it was not working in that time it wouldn't.

Medications (anti inflamm - anti depress, currently on my 3rd type a tricyclic -cortezoid inj, 2 in shoulder, 1 in wrist - panadine forte & valium) which have been chopped and changed without any significant effect, however I am just about to re-start Lyrica 150mg as after being on it for 3 months and now off for almost 2 I am noticing a significant increase in electric shock type pains in my wrist and arm (more so that before I started the Lyrica).

I also take fish oil and vitamin b and walk almost every day for an hour on the beach with my new puppy Boston (he's a blue heeler x sheppard) :D

I have had 2 "off the shelf" and 2 moulded wrist braces which I am unable to wear as they increase the swelling in my hand and wrist.

Tests have revealed the following:
note everything is on the right side
all the tests are almost 1 year
however I am waitng for a new nerve conduction study (if workcover who are giving me greif approve it - now thats another story :blob_fire )

I have been told that none of these equates to the symptoms and pain I experience and that there is nothing more that can be done other than help me learn how to deal with the pain.

Personally I think thats a cop out for we have no idea what to do and that I have been put in a too hard basket.

Hand and Fingers - Arthritis in the thumb 2nd and 4th fingers - tendonitis in the right and left side of my wrist - carpals tunnel (released Feb 06) being told by another specialist later that the results did not warrant surgery

Elbow - tendonitis

Shoulder - samll torn (incomplete) tendon - tendonitis - degenerative cyst in the posterior aspect of the head of the humerous - mild rotator cuff disease -bursitis (bursal bunhing on abduction) - rotator cuff disease

C5-6 mild degenerative disease = slight disc space narrowing and endplate spurring - mild bilateral exit forminal narrowing - straightening of the normal cervical lordosis - posterior plate spurring causing slight indentation to the thecal sac - mild mainly left sided disc bulging - moderate left (mild right) sided exit forminal narrowing

C6-7 significant prominence posteriorly shown as a slight bulge

TOS ? (thoracic outlet syndrome) definately not of the arterry but possibly of the nerves

Note I have had a cold that has kept coming and going since surgery and hives & tropical ear infection from bad spa water anfd have had 3 X oral and 2X ear anti biotics

My GP was amazed each time a report came back and there "was" something evidently wrong. My physiotherapist attributed the many different things wrong as a significant reason why I was difficult to treat (most times her having to release tightened muscles in the shoulder / scapula area - working on one area agravatting another and not having the opportunity to work on one area for a period of time) succsessfully and indicated that I would need ongoing physio. My "proffessionals have varied opinions as to when I will be better f=ranging from 6 months to 2 years ???

My symptoms have varied in intensity and type as follows:

Pain - especially in the hand, wrist, shoulder and neck
Loss of movement, strength and dexterity in the hand, elbow and shoulder
Pins and Needles in the fingers and hands
Slight Swelling which is more evident after use
Tightness, Stiffness, Aching, Stabbing, Tingling, Numbness
Burning (slight and ussually after usage) in & out side of upper arm - underam and upper torso
Pulse like sensation between the wrist and forearm (like a drip being flushed)
During overuse (which is actually no where near overuse pre injury) my shoulder / hand typically seizes.

Other symptoms (or possibly side effects of medications)

Bubbling type feeling under the chin
TENS (tens machine) type buzzing #when I dont have the machine on# in the back of the shoulder and in the head
I had a right eye twitch which I think has finally gone
Loss of words when talking
Spoonerisms (ditting suck for sitting duck) oops LOL :jester:
Dizziness (mostly from anti depressants I think - I am on my thrid one since March this year) and loss of balance
Sleepless (more restless that sleepless) nights followed by exhaustion where I sleep 12 to 14 hours (current)
Dry mouth & trouble swallowing (anti depressants)
Irregular Bowels (panadeine forte)
Grumpiness :mad:

The areas affected are:

From the tips of my fingers right up the arm (both front and back) to the shoulder
The front back and top of my shoulder
The front back and side of my neck
The clavical area
The underarm and breast area

So that's it from me - I am not a doctor and I don't really know what any of the above means - I like realistic things like numbers - debits and credits - the books balancing - yin and yang - balance, harmony and peace.
I do not like the confusion of real pain and being told I can learn to deal with it via the mind - I go to a chinses practioner of accupuncture / massage and reflexology I believe in the fantasy of alternative medicines and therapies - I try to change my mindset telling myself I have no pain - It does not work :blob_fire

Thanks to those of you who made it through my epic. I am not really expecting a response just needed someone it the world to read my story and not be judged.

Feel Better Everyone

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