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oh okay. yes i have broken my wrist seven times before and began having severe pain but no one could figure out why. so they did an exploratory surgery and found that i had an abnormal branch off one of my tendons. so he thought once that was removed the pain would go away. and it did for about 2 months but then it came back even worse than before. ive had the pain for six years but was just recently diagnosed with the rsd in january.
my stimulator only gives me relief about 20% of the time. but i took your advice and am getting it reprogrammed on the 29th. but other than that i take pain medications. its to the point where vicodin, darvocet, and even morphine doesnt take the pain away. i have been taking the morphine since i was diagnosed. and my body has just gotten so used to it. i am also on lyrica, zanaflex, lexapro and fentnyl patches. i am currently trying to get off of the lyrica but the withdrawl is hell. if i may ask why do they have you on the zanaflex? i was put on it because my hand with cramp up to where it gets so tight i have almost broken my fingers. when you got your stimulator put in did your back start hurting? i know you said from the fusions but what kind of fusion? thanks for talking to me!

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