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Welcome to the Board. I like your doctor - if he is familiar with RSD and sends you to someone who understand it that is good. As far as I know you should take the Neurontin on a scheduled basis. Lyrica is better but you might have to pay for it. I find if I miss one dosage of my prescriptions, it takes hours before it settles down again. I don't have RSD in the upper body - it is the legs, but as far as exercise goes, I find water therapy best because I am freefloating, get better range of motion and less irritation. Also I can stretch better in water and this seems to lessen the pain. Ask about acquatherapy. Not everyone can stand the pressure of the water but for those that can, it can produce good results over time. Read all you can - do searches on the web. There are RSD Associations, both American and Canadian that put out research information and studies. Mayo Clinic is good for information. Search the words RSD, Associations - RSD, treatment - RSD - surgery, etc. People with RSD unfortunately must educate themselves to get the most from what is available. Try things and if they do not work, try something else. I have tried, physio therapy; made it worse - accupuncture, helped and then made it worse; tens - did very little; various drugs, ending up with Lyrica and neurontin and elavil which all help a lot; watertherapy and movement and stretching which help the most. Each of us is different. Others will give you their experiences, but unfortunately no one yet understands precisely why this happens so there is no "standard" treatment. Good luck. Laura.

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