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Re: Migration
Dec 25, 2006
Spread really sucks!! It started for me in my left knee/lower leg and foot. In 11 months it went full body. There are different types of spread. Mirror spread which is what mine did. Went all the way up left leg into hip then jumped to right foot and went up from there, then left arm then right arm. There is the spread that jumps from one part to another like yours, arm to leg or leg to arm. Sometimes it will go all the way up on side of the body then the other.

Sometimes for a few, it doesn't spread, or it takes a long time to spread or it goes quickly, maybe only one side but not both, etc. There are soooo many combinations that RSD can spread in really. I've talked to many of them I think in the past 3 and a half years, 4 in Feb. Because RSD is a "nerve disorder" then it is capable of spreading wherever it wants to. All nerves run through the spine and it's the pain of RSD and nerve ending changes that go there and migrate elsewhere. Plus because it affect nerves is quite capable of messing with any organ in our body including the eyes. I've done lots of research and it amazed me really. I never realized some things before. RSD can mess up your body temp which most of us have had experience with, blood pressure, going to the bathroom, hair growth, hair falling out, nails. Everything we come in here to talk about and then some.

I hope this info helps you understand a bit better. I'm so sorry you had chest pains like that. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope it doesn't happen again!!!

Gentle Hugs


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