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Have any of you tried herbs or any natural remedies for your RSD? What has helped you?

Right now I am taking plenty of vitamins... [B]magnesium[/B] (prevents depression, dizziness, muscle twitching and weakness), [B]calcium[/B] (aids in neuromusclular activity), [B]vitamin c[/B] (antioxidant, reduces inflammation and pain), [B]b complex[/B] (helps restore healthy nerve function), [B]milk thistle[/B] (helps to cleanse the liver while taking medications).

I am going to be getting a multivitamin and:
[B]glucosamine[/B] (joint health, involved in formation of tendons, ligaments, bones)
[B]chrondroitin[/B] (aids in creating cartilage in joints)
[B]lecithin[/B] (helps nervous system, is involved with neurotransmitters)
[B]vitamin E[/B] (antioxidant, maintains healthy nerves)
[B]vitamin D[/B] for muscle spasms and pain

Any ideas of anything natural that helps with RSD/ CRPS, chronic pain syndromes or pain that has helped you or someone you know? TIA.

Also,are there any creams/ rubs that have helped you?

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