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Re: Spreading??
Jan 19, 2007
It's very common for rsd to spread through the limb it started in and then mirror, which is to go to the other side of the body. Like mine started in left knee/lower leg/foot, went the rest of the way up the left leg and into the hip before starting in the right foot and going up from there. It's more uncommon for rsd to jump from one spot to another.

The way I knew mine had spread was when the pain and air sensitivity was affecting somewhere else besides where it was. I suggest you talk to your doc as soon as you can. The fact you've had it 2 years in one spot is really good and it could very well be spreading now. When I was having a flare, the pain and air sensitivity was more intense in the spot where it was at the time. More pain, etc but not everywhere. That doesn't mean it's always that way for everyone, but if it is spreading then maybe your doc can help by adjusting your meds or doing a lumbar block to help.

Gentle Hugs,

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