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Re: Spreading??
Feb 3, 2007
Hey ID:

I have just had my RSD jump from my left foot (original sight) and it went to my right arm. I haven't seen my PMD since I had the EMG conducted. I see myl PMD on Monday and I swear he better take me seriously. I am so angry. It has take me three months to get any response. The last time I was in I saw his FNP and she was such a w(b)itch to me. My foot and arm don't swell enough that you can notice it. She went after me because of that. Sorry I don't show it, but it sure does hurt. I believe with all my heart that your PMD should be understand your situation and it should be you and your PMD that discuss your case. All his FNP does it make up something to make it seem like I am facking what I have. She drives me crazy.

Anyway, it sounds like you should talk to your PMD ASAP. I'll also pray for you.

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