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Reedim, how awful for you, but hey I am going thru basically the same thing. I have Medtronic SCS for almost a year with no problems, but let me tell you about my daily intake of candy...yuk! yuk! yuk! Lyrica 750mg daily, Cymbalta 50mg, Oxycotin 60mg daily, Topomax 100mg daily, Relpax once a day, Ultram ER 100mg daily. What more could I take? But I have to say I tried the Ketermine cream on my leg, but I was told it would burn. Yes, it did. My leg was on fire and I couldn't even run water on my leg to try to remove it. How do you stand it?

I thank you for your info.
Ben: Coadministration of Cymbalta and Ultram (tramadol) risks serotonin symdrome - a rare but serious and potentially fatal condition. Ask your pharmacist for advice regarding this combination, just to be safe.

I am on tramadol and was prescribed Cymbalta. After reading about the interactions, I did not take any Cymbalta at all but instead contacted my physician and was prescribed another medication in place of the Cymbalta.
Regards, Lil
Uhm, that is very interesting and I thank you for the information regarding the two med combos. I was taking Alavil (sp?) and the pharmacist wouldn't fill my Ultram ER do to the two combos, so I would have to say that they already knew about the interactions. But I find it funny that I am coming down with a chest cold and my dr prescribed Mucinex DM. I spoke to the pharmacy and explained the combinations of Cymbalta with the Mucinex and they felt there was no need for worry. It is so hard keepiing up with the meds and what you can and can not take! No matter how you look at it I am grateful for anyone who can show me a problem etc.

Thank you,

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