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[COLOR="Blue"]Ben...Here is Jay's post about her first ketemine treatment. I hope this will help you out. Take care, Dee[/COLOR]

Sorry I need to be brief - but I am oh so happy

Hope all of you get a chance

50mg total of ketamine

10mg fast - it was very mind altering but not scary

Then the other 40mg running at 10 per each hour

It lasted for 4+ hours

I had NO side effects

They let me rest but always made sure I could be alert

First my hands stopped burning (2 &Ĺ years of burning)

Then my hands and wrist stopped hurting - I started smiling

After a few hours the inside of my RSD leg started to feel hollow - like an empty tree trunk - it hard to describe

Then I felt like the outside of my leg was a burning thick knee sock - the kind I wore as a girl

I spoke to several people at the hospital doctors, etc. who had never seen a ketamine infusion, after my doctor asked my permission - I thought the more that know the better

Remember I suffer severe lower back pain, neck pain, etc. for 16+ years since I was hit by a car as a pedestrian - that pain went down to a 4/5

I start with my back and leg at a SOLID 9

After maybe three hours my burning sock dropped to the same 4/5 that my back was at

I could not stop smiling

I stayed less than an hour in recovery since I did so well

I am now 40 hours since the infusion - my leg and back have moved to a solid 5 but thatís okay I am still smiling

My wonderful doctor went over with me that this is not a cure and many people, most people the pain or a percentage does return which I was fully aware and am prepared to deal with

I want to remind everyone NOTHING, and I had all the treatments including the pump, has EVER decreased my leg pain before

Maybe 6 mg of Dilaudid via IV in the ER helped for a half hour of pain but I never got near a 4 or 5

I am so excited, I am sleepy but not groggy, I sit happily playing with my hands since the mobility has greatly improved.

I do not want to sleep because I want to stay awake happy, but I do fall asleep into a cozy restful sleep not the horrible drug induced pain ridden sleep I usually have

My happiness feels like a slice of heaven, may you all feel it someday soon. May we all get it and may they find a way to make it last

For those of you who know me my concussion headache did not go away but when I came home and took my normal meds my headache reduced for the very first time.

The most happiest feeling I have is that when the pain is reduced I am NOT depressed, hopeless, blue, etc. The pain monster does that to us.

I feel like an onion and several layers of pain were peeled off and I found me again - the happy me - the old me. It has done me wonders to learn that because as most of you know who live at a 9 you begin to question your sanity

Happiness to all.

And to think all this started because I was willing to do a drug study to do something of value with my useless life. I wanted to help others and I was given the greatest gift all, even if the pain returns tomorrow.

Most sincerely and thank you all for helping me get to this moment in my life, jay

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