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Hi Porter, I had the same surgery as you on July 19th. I had the same pain in my foot the very next day when they started me walking. I too had the steroids. Had another Mri to show an abnormal amout of scar tissue. Tried epidural injection. October 24 had second surgery to remove scar tissue. Doc could not get it all. Sent to a neuroligist. Did a very painful test with needles and elictirictiy, sorry don't remember name. Show somthing wrong with the L4/5-l5/s1 nerve. Went for another injection bypain mgmt dr. did not work, went for a lumbar sympathetic block, i was told that if it worked i would not have rsd, did not work made my back pain worse....oh forgot to mention back is worse than before surgery. I had one more sympathetic block that worked a little. I was told that the only thing that might help is neurontin or lyrica. I tried lyrica and it did not work. I am on 600 mg of neurontin 3 times a day. I am also on oxycodone 40mg in am 20 in pm. So i have rsd in myright foot and calf, and nerve damage that causes sever right leg pain. I have not returned to work since this all started.
It is best to get diagonsed and treated as soon as possible. You may have a better outcome. I have also been told that a counselor may help I have not done that yet but may very soon.
Everyone that I have talked to on this board is very helpful and nice. I wish you the best of luck and will pray that you do not have this terrible thing.

PSsorry for so long of post...Ihave more but my neck is hurting...

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