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hi everyone...looking for some helpful insight...i was in a car wreck,partially paralyzed after broken neck..had fusion of c3/4/5. i have several nerve issues. my left side is coming back and i can walk again. my left shoulder is somewhat locked. my symptoms are this....i have spasms of my left arm; my let hand has blotchy skin coloring, is swollen all of the time regardless of use or pt, and my finger nails grow 3 times faster than my right hand; also, i have shoulder pain on my left side that feels as though it was punctured with an ice pick. and, i get that same pain feeling in the same place on my opposite shoulder. also i will have extreme coldness of my body, even though my skin temperature is warm to the touch by others. the touch of clothing and air is painful on the outside of my shoulder in one spot. any input or similar circumstances out there? thanks to all
Hi Bstinch and Welcome! :wave:

Wow! - a true night owl like me! I didn't realize anyone else posted at 4 AM (Ok, well, 3 AM where you are).:D

You asked if anyone had ANY similar circumstances to the symptoms you described. Well, for me, ALL of those symptoms are all too familiar! My symptoms are [U]exactly[/U] as you described, only it started on my right side and never spread to my left.
I don't want to scare you, and I certainly can't diagnose, but that really sounds like RSD symptoms to me. I've had those symptoms for 5 years.
Good news for you though - if you get a diagnosis early and start aggressive treatment ASAP, you may be able to control it and it could go into remission. :)
How long ago was your accident? Do you have a doctor you can tell this to? You may want to consider telling your surgeon about these symptoms if you haven't done so already. You could also find a pain management specialist or clinic. The important thing is to relay this information to doctors who can properly diagnose you, and if it is RSD, then start treatments as soon as you can so you can try to get it under control.
Please keep us updated.

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