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Hi, I have a like new Tens unit too, I've had it for a year and a half! It didn't work at all for my RSD. and I also have stenosis in my L5-S1 sacral joints that drive me crazy too! One week both my legs are swollwen and burning red on fire, the nest week the skin calms down, and my low back feels like I have a knife being stabbed in the sacral spine area, and thats all I feel. I never would have believed one pain could totally cancel out another pain! Makes me feel pretty low telling anyone close that now it's in my back!! I am on 80mg Methadone, Neurontin, Cymbalta and Robaxin - all for nerve pain, and they don't touch my sacral pain! The only thing I can do is lay down, and after 2 years it's getting pretty old. It's the only way I can get the muscles to stop tightrning in my back, and squeezing the nerve even more. Because my problem was unseen on 2 MRI's my pain doc's think it's in my head, and it's the RSD doing it. I do have hope coming soon tho, there is a nerve interupter that supposidly works on the RSD and my oops, Nice to meet ya! LD
Hi LD,
I've been telling people it feels like a sword is in my sacro area, so it sounds like we have the same kind of pain. I'm going back to my PM doc tomorrow. I quit using the TENS but did try the massage chair which I think flared it up. The pain meds or neurontin don't touch the pain but I think the motrin (200mg) helps a bit for a short period of time. I've also tried doing a stretch for the piriformis muscle. Don't know if it helps. I know what you mean about one pain cancelling out another. When I told my pain doc he said it was because I was focusing more on the new pain. But this sacro pain is really bad because I can't even sit for long. Hope yours subsides soon.
Hey Yall,
They use a tens unit on me for part of my Phyical Ther. Once they have the patches on...then they wrap it with a cold wrap.
Im in soooo much pain afterwards, i think it has to do with the treatments the P.T. people do, but this is Dr. ordered.
I told this Dr. how much pain i was in.......and where...and i swear he got mad at me....and this is the same Dr. that told me i had RSD.
Ya know......Being in severe pain that cripples your dont need a Doctor to be mad at you over that.
W/C and a Quack doctor.........what a diaster in my arena.
Im still verbally unloading and thanks yall for listening,

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