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Re: Cold Sweats....
Nov 11, 2007
[QUOTE=dee_navymom;2844910][COLOR="Purple"]Hi Amber....Yes, sweating is a problem with RSD. I also have trouble with them. When they are really bad I am have to change my shirt up to 3 times in a day or night. In fact when it happens at night I can have a puddle of sweat between my breasts. I am also cold cold. The Dr also has me on a medication called catapress. It comes in a patch.We just increased the dose. I have had so side effects form this drug. But reading about the drug is scary. But the sweating is also just awful and gross.... Dee[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

I just signed on this site hoping to find something that speaks to the increased sweating that I have been having. I am not on methadone but have been through many medicines and have been taking 320 mg oxy plus 10 -10/325 percs/day in addition to ativan and a few depression meds. These meds have been constant for 5 months yet sweating frequency and duration are on the rise. Especially in a strange way lately.

Has anyone else experienced SAME SIDE SWEATING? Almost 2 years ago, thanks to a slip on ice at work, I was Dx RSD in right arm and hand and just in the last couple of days, the right side of my head, face and neck have been sweating profusely while the left side stays dry?!? I can't find anything on this. Like you said, very uncomfortable and very upsetting.

Bless you all. I wish I had answers for all of the questions. I know that it helps knowing that we are not alone in this.

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