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Thank You Jeanne and Rayefaye

Jeanne..I have tried both neurontin and lyrica but couldn't handle the side effects of either one. That's how I ended up on the cymbalta, topamax and catapres patch. I have noticed with the increase of the topamax my sweating is less that is a good thing...but the burning and sensitivity is just raging. And I think the Dr is giving me the fentaly patch and lortab for the awful deep pain...and it was feeeling better till the last week of so.

Rayefaye..I have never tried the lidocaine patch I think I will mention them to the Dr. How big are the patches? I need to cover my shoulder it is the worst of my pain..and if I could calm the area down I think I could handle the rest. I also have noticed with the increase of the topamax that my body temperature is a litte better...don't know if it is to help but I will take any help I can get. It just this awful burning and the deep pain I can't seem to get undercontrol. I agree about the weather plays a part in how we hurt...but our wearther has just been beautiful here...broke all the records this week..been in the 70's sunny. But supposed to change starting today getting down to the 50's. Who knows why I just want to hurt so bad. And here for the last few months I thought I was starting to get a gripe on it.

OK others what are you using to control your pain. Dee
I can't handle the neuronton or lyrica either....made me feel crazy:dizzy:
My Lidocaine patches are big. I actually cut them in half to put them on the bottoms of my feet. 12 hours on...12 hours off
I was given Neurontin when I first got hurt and my doctors thought I had RSD a few years ago... it did absolutely nothing for me. When I was hurt a second time last year, I began taking Lyrica about 6 months after... and it too, gave me no relief whatsoever. Not with the burning, the pain itself, the sensory and temperature changes, nothing. :( I heard that they work for a lot of people, I hate that it doesn't work for everyone :( But no medication can do that I guess.
Hi Nichole - I have been on another thread with you. A drug that did the most for me is Clonazepam. My doctor went to a Convention in the US and got one of the leading RSD doctors (name starts with an R) to tell him to use it. It took away 60 percent of my burning pain and continues to do so. I take 3 tablets a day at .5 mg of the active ingredient and it works. I also take one Lyrica (75 mg)and one gabapentin (300) to top it up which reduced the pain another 20% and then, of course, you know I use water thereapy which takes away another 10 - 15%. But the Clonazepam has been the key to the burning pain and the water to the other pains and keeping me healthy and able to get around. Good luck. Laura.

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