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I am a Kaiser Permanente Medical Group patient in CA and am having a hard time finding doctors that know about RSD. My ortho surg is familiar. He diagnosed me and referred me to anesth. He is going to do one block (RSD in right leg - originated in my knee after surg). It will also take me 3-4 weeks to get in. It seems from all the reading I have done that he should be doing 2-3 per week for several weeks and as soon as possible. What is the normal procedure?

I also met with a psych. yesterday who didn't know a thing about RSD and in the end asked me what I wanted from him. I spent the rest of the day in tears.

I am trying to locate a good doc in No. California, but am having a hard time. Does anyone in this group live in No. CA?

As for the meds.... I was on Amatriptaline and prednisone. Gained 15 lbs so I requested a change to noratriptaline and off pred. I had to slowly go off the Ama for six days, suffered headaches and increase in pain. Started the noratrip yesterday. Still in pain. My ankle and my calf are in a constant state of cramp and my knee and the inside and back of my leg are burning. By the way, the surg did not help my knee. I know, big surprise!! Any advise for meds?


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