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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi Nichole...I'm sorry to read you are having so much pain. I know what you mean about the burning. That is one of the biggest problems I deal with. I must tell my Dr's if you could get this aweful burning undercontrol I just might be able to get on with some kind of life.

Let me first say I have tried nerotin lyrica..etc. And I just can't deal with the side affects. In fact I seem to not be able to deal with alot of the medications.

I have been on a catapress patch for the burning. The catapress is a blood pressure medication. The Dr also just increased it a few weeks ago..but no change with to burning.

I have been taking topamax for about 6 months low dose so the Dr increased to dose...but I still haven't seen an improvement with the burning....but I have had an improvement with the sweating. So I want to make sure you are understanding I haven't had an improvement with the burning but have had an improvment with the sweating. I will list all the medications I take and what I take them for for (atleast what I think I take them for)

topamax....burning & sensitiviy
catapress patch... burning & sensitivity
fentaly patch...pain
cymbalta...nerve pain...depression

Nichole I hope you can find something so help with the buring...and please if there is anyone out there that has some ideas for us please post them. Because if they could get my burning pain and the deep deep pain undercontrol...I really feel I could get back to some kind of life and back to work. Dee[/COLOR]:blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire
Hi Laura...You are right.... everyone is so different with what will work for them. If I remember right it was the lyrica that made my blood pressure go sky high. I even tried the elavil and gained like 27 lbs in 6 weeks I remember telling the Dr "You get me off this stuff" lol It did help with the sleep but holy cow I would of looked the a cow in know you have burning pain and the lyrica helps the burning. Please explain what kind of pain you have that the medications help. Do you swim for exercise and to keep the ROM. I have slowing been able to lose all the weight I gained. In fact sense taking the topamax I have lost 23 lbs. But I have also worked really hard to lose some weight. I also have been able to keep some use of my arm. But swimming just my help me alot. Will have to see whats around my town.

What does everyone else do to keep exercising and to lose weight. Has any gained weight sense getting RSD? I gained 35 pounds in 1 1/2 years and have lost 39 in about 9 months. So whats a big girl to do? Dee

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