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[QUOTE=sharon1030;2896310][COLOR="Blue"]Hi Emilie,

I had RSD for 3 years before I finally was able to get a diagnosis. I went to many docs on LI and finally went into Manhattan (The Hospital for Special Surgery) and a doc there diagnosed me. I have used a morphine/bupivacaine pump for almost 6 years now so I don't have to worry about meds and my liver. The pump has been a godsend for more depression caused by narcotics.

Sharon :)[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Hi Sharon,

I have thought about visiting the Hospital for Special Surgery (it's a 3 hour train ride for me), and you mentioned this hospital in your post as the place where you were finally diagnosed with RSD. Do you highly recommend this hospital to provide an unbiased diagnosis of whether or not a person has RSD? I am worried that a biased doctor may misdiagnose me with RSD because he or she can provide a treatment (nerve blocks, etc) that is more money in his or her pocket. I know this sounds cynical, but cases like this actually happen, just like cases in which someone who actually has RSD is diagnosed as not having RSD by worker's comp doctors because it is in their best interest. So I am very interested in knowing if the Hospital for Special Surgery has doctors who are unbiased and who are very knowledgable about RSD. There is also Brigham & Women's Hospital in Massachusetts and the Mayo I have no idea where the best place to go to rule in or rule out RSD is.

I injured my foot almost 3-1/2 years ago, and then a doctor's treatment with steroid injections further damaged the soft tissues in my foot and perhaps his needle hit a nerve. Some of my immediate symptoms (before steroid injections) were characteristic of RSD, however, those symptoms (hypersensitivity, unable to move toes) went away. My foot looks normal, except for fat pad atrophy and now some thinning of toes...I am extremely concerned about my toes and don't know why they have gotten thinner...what could cause this to happen? The forth toe is the worst.

I've been to many doctors and had several tests, but none of the tests showed evidence of RSD. Only one doctor diagnosed me with RSD two years after my injury, but he never compared my injured foot with my good foot and didn't want to know anything about the cortisone injections that caused the fat pad on my foot to atrophy...all he said was that I have RSD and to come back for nerve blocks...I never returned to his office. My foot is not swollen and it doesn't burn, though I have nerve pain and pain that feels like I'm walking directly on bones. Plus, my foot turns purplish in some areas around my big toe when I attempt to place all my weight onto that foot when shaving my legs in the shower. Oh, the things I used to take for granted...shaving legs with no problem is now a pain in the neck!

I'm wondering about something: One podiatrist stated in my records that I have the personality type that tends to develop RSD, although she doesn't think I have RSD. Is it true that certain personality types are more likely to develop RSD than others?

Do you have any atrophy in your foot? How is your foot today?

Thank you for any help. Best wishes.

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