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Can you bag the Nurontin, or is it actually helping? I am on Lyrica 600, cymbalta 90, clonadine .5 two x daily, and methadone 5mg. It is a great combination for me. I have been doing very well for several months. I am going in nextmonth for a 4th Lumbar Sympathetic Block. As when we try to decrease the meds my symptoms return and the pain goes thru the roof! one thought we hav not tried yet But are working on it is have a series of 3, one every two weeks. Invasive yes but are tinking it may knock it out. Has helped others befor so we are going to try it. BUT have to wait on workers comp and the Lawyers.....AAARRRGGG!!! Lets all sit and talk about whos really at fault and make the client wait around and suffer with pain and the inability to go on with a normal life. Don't you just want to choke peopl like that!?
Look into the meds, I think it is worth a shot! (no pun intended)
Hey Jon,
I am glad to hear the blocks give you alittle first block gave me alittle...maybe 2 days worth...but only in right area of back and left side still hurt.
The 2 and 3rd block.........notta......worse pain!!!!
I tell ya.......a month ago i was saying i would not go with the i would.
I cant believe how the pain is spreading and getting more intense.
This Quack i have has me on lyrica......2 x day........wished it worked!!!
Percocet.....but only since monday!!!! And lord knows i need something stronger this that.
We cant go anywhere except to the P.T. 2 x a wk or other Dr. visits, hurts to bad to travel to far.
This sure isnt living!!!! I hope the pain meds that are going to work come to me fast.
I will keep you posted on the 'happenings' with me!!!!

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