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Hi Everyone,
I think the worst part of this whole thing is no matter how much research we do to find out about this we really have no idea and that is the scariest part. I got the SCS and it was the only thing that helped my right arm. Now my left foot and knee is affected and no one truly knows if the stimulator caused it or just progressed it faster. I would do it all over again though. I asked my husband that if we knew then what we know now would we have gone through with the stimulator? The answer is YES. It sucks that it has spread and the pain is already uncontrollable ( it spread fast ) but would anyone know how to answer the question would you trade you right arm for your left leg? I just am switching gears and no matter who you talk to we all have different stories, treatments, experiences, symptoms, and it scares the crap out of me. I pray for us all and I think it is your personal chemistry that contributes to these certain treatments. Everyone has it in different places, it has spread different ways, we respond differently to treatments...One thing we all share with out a doubt is the apathy for all those who have it. We need to keep our heads up and instead of being afraid of the unpredictibility of this we have to think it might go the other way. I try and think of the things I can do now with 2 good hands instead of what I cannot do with one horrible leg. I am so sad for us all and pray that someone finds something that works for us all. I also think that as soon as you get a RSD diagnose and start researching it it instantly spreads to your brain. I really do I think that. We are all scared and we have no idea what the future holds or what is in store for us. I just want to thank everyone for posting because this has helped me put my RSD in a better place in my head. I wish everyone some relief...Nikki

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